Lazy Coding Part 2 CSS mastery

Lazy Coding Part 2 CSS mastery

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In my last blog, I have written how I have learned HTML from youtube and other sources

In this blog, I will tell you the story of how I learned css and I think it is one of the easiest and most crucial languages.

Matric exams

As in my last blog, I have learned and almost mastered css Now I am familiar with and quite knowledgeable in web development so I started my CSS journey I downloading some complete course videos from YouTube. After downloading the course, I just like any kid in his mid-teen took a break of 2 weeks. After that suddenly my parents took my smartphone and laptop from me because of the exams that I didn't even remember.

This was a hard strike for me because the exams were on the horizon but I hadn't studied anything. { For those who don't know about particular exams are the final exams of the first year of high school. Like in most Asian countries 9, 10, 11, and 12 are the intermediate section of studies and after that, it's university these four years are the same as four years of high school like in most European countries }

Only two months were left and I had to study triple hard to keep up my standard result. After 48 days of litter torture and one week of stress anxiety and tension, it was finally over.

The results were expected after 3 months so the school was off.

In these three months, I started learning web design CSS, JS, and C++ at the same time. Well if I can prepare 7 different subjects sallybus in 2 months I could definitely learn 7 different languages in 3 months easily. But this was not the case because there were many distractions like friends calling me to go out every other day, the days when I just didn't want to do anything, movie days, etc

So my task of learning different languages could not be completed.

After wasting 2 and a half months like this I decided to only do one thing at a time because it is possible to do multiple tasks at one time but it's not efficient you could mess things up, get mentally tired doing different tasks at the same time or a task could take a lot of time that we have to ignore others things.

So keeping this in mind I focus on css only It's a very easy and versatile language but Damm! Sometimes it gets complicated one time I got stuck on a cruiser tag every I did it didn't work or I was stuck on the background color well after a lot of practice patience and smart work I finally mastered the language now I could create very good looking webs but ui and ux was almost not exist.

I will post how to learn js with an internationally recognized certificate in my next blog